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Web Hosting and Email

Domain Web Hosting and Email Services provide high-speed Internet connection around the world. We support PHP5, Perl, mySQL and other Web technologies, which help you to create the most attractive Web sites. Daily Web statistic reports let you know your Web site's traffic. Email aliases and forwarding give you all the email addresses you need.

Service Plans

Plan Plan S0 Plan S1 Plan S2 Plan S3 Plan S4
Online Storage # 500MB 1GB 1.5GB 2GB 3GB
Monthly Fee $35 $50 $80 $100 $165
Payment Term 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Total Payment $420 $600 $960 $1200 $1980
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Email Features
POP3 Email Accounts 1 10 20 30 50
POP3/IMAP Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic Email Quota Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Aliases / Forward 5 60 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Auto Reply / Vacation Notice Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Daily Email Full Alert [Exclusive] Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Daily Website Virus Scan [Exclusive] Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web Mail Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SMTP (Port 25 / 2025)* -- -- Yes Yes Yes
Mail Monitoring (In & Out) -- -- Yes Yes Yes
FTP Features
FTP Account 1 1 1 1 1
DIY FTP Account -- -- 10 15 20
Web FTP Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Server Features
Platform Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux
PHP 5.3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
.htaccess Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
mySQL 5.1 Database -- -- 1 Database 1 Database 1 Database
phpMyAdmin     Yes Yes Yes
Web Statistis Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hardware Firewall Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
# Online Storage including Web page, FTP, POP3 Email and mySQL database storage. All storage sharing with a single total storage quota.
* SMTP Port 25 & Special Port 2025 is for gereral email sending usage. To avoid spam sending, we had monitor the daily usage of the SMTP email sending. If user sending email over a limit, we will notify customer to fix the issue. If issue still occur, we will supensed the customer account without notice.
* Domain Name Registration fee is not include in the above service plans.
All Plans are one year pre-payment period. All payments are not refundable or transferable. Setup fee is waived. (Original Price: $200)


Additional Services

Services Charges
DIY FTP Account (per 5 Accounts) $20/month
mySQL 5 (1 Database) $50/month
Additional Sub-domain (1 Sub-domain) $100/setup
Sub-domain Adjustment (1 Sub-domain) $100/setup
Additional domain parking (1 Domain) $100/setup
Hard Copy Receipt handling fee $20/each
* Additional Services Charges are prepaid payment up to next payment term of web hosting services.

Domain Name Registration

Services Charges
.com Domain Registration $100/year
.org / .net Domain Registration $130/year
.biz / .info / .ws Domain Registration $150/year / / Domain Registration $200/year
.hk Domain Registration $250/year Registration $150/year
* HK Domain Registration: Customer must provide necessary information (Click here to HKIRC website for details) to HKIRC for registration. Customer registers Domain Name without any services will be charged an one-off handling fee of $30 per domain

Valid starts from 16 Dec 2015. All Prices are in HK Dollars (HKD). Charges are subject to change without prior notice.
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