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Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server (VPS) service offers a good balance between performance and tight budget. Using VPS is just like operating a dedicated server. IP address, CPU and RAM resources will be reserved for your own usage. Since VPS gives you full root access, you can set up any services, such as email servers, web servers, database servers and more. Also the resources can be upgrade by request when your business is needed.

Plan VPS Lite VPS Standard VPS Pro
Virtual CPU 1 CPU 1 Core 1 CPU 1 Core 1 CPU 1 Core
CPU Resources* 50% Share
50% Reserved
50% Share
50% Reserved
100% Reserved
Hard Disk Storage 30GB 50GB 100GB
RAM 512MB 512MB 1GB
Fix IP Address 1 1 1
Monthly Traffic 150GB 200GB 400GB
Monthly Fee $450 $650 $1200
6 Months Prepaid Special Fee (per month) $430 $600 $1100
1 Year Prepaid Special Fee (per month) $400 $550 $1000
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Server Hardware
Server HP ProLiant Server
CPU Xeon Octa Core CPU x 2
RAID Enterprise Hard Disk with RAID 1 Mirror
Virtual Configure
Network Adapter 1 1 1
CD/DVD Drive 1 1 1
USB Port Yes Yes Yes
Server OS First-time Pre-Install Linux (CentOS 6 x64) with
DirectAdmin (Rental License) OR
Installed by Customer (License not included)
Hardware Firewall Protection (Port Blocking) Yes Yes Yes
Daily Hard Disk Snapshot Backup# Yes Yes Yes
Remote Console Yes Yes Yes
Reboot / Shutdown Server Yes Yes Yes
Free Domain DNS Parking 1 Domain 1 Domain 1 Domain
Data Centre IxTech (Kwai Chung)
Platform VMWare vSphere 5

Additional Services

Services Charges
Additional Basic Windows / Linux Pre-Installation Service (License Not included) $1500 up/setup
Additional 1 Core CPU (Shared)* $150/month
Additional 1 Core CPU (Reserved)* $500/month
Additional 10GB Storage $100/month
Additional 256MB RAM $100/month
Additional 50GB Monthly Traffic $100/month
Additional IP Address $150/month
Additional Domain DNS Parking (per Domain) $100/setup
Data Recovery from Daily Snapshot $300/time
* Reserved CPU resources are only for dedicated customer. Shared CPU resources are common resource shared by other customer. CPU maximum usable resource will be adjusted base on current total usage by other customer. However the minimum resources is your reserved CPU resources.
* Additional Services Charges are prepaid payment up to next payment term of web hosting services.
# Daily Snapshot Backup is for internal use and keep 48 hours.
  1. All Payment are Prepaid by Monthly / Half Year / Yearly and 1 Month Deposit is neccessly (Deposit is based on original price).
  2. 1 month notice before service termination.
  3. All prepaid fee are not refundable.
  4. Software & hardware installation is not inclued.
  5. Software license is not inclued.


Valid starts from 16 Dec 2015. All Prices are in HK Dollars (HKD). Charges are subject to change without prior notice.
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