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Dynamic DNS

Dynamic DNS is a new service from BEST-VIEW@ that enables users to dynamically assign the IP addresses to their associated domain names. It also allows users to create sub-domains and assign a different IP address to each one of them. Dynamic DNS gives users who have multiple servers more flexibility to manage their websites. It also allows those who do not have a static IP address (e.g. dial-up or cable/DSL broadband users) to run their own websites.

A user-friendly web interface is provided for users to modify sub-domains and update IP addresses at anytime. For users who do not have a static IP address, Dynamic DNS has client software for Microsoft Windows to update the IP address automatically.

Service Plans

Plan (Per Domain) Plan D1 Plan D2 Plan D3
Payment Term 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Total Payment $120 $150 $180
  Order Plan D1 Now Order Plan D2 Now Order Plan D3 Now
Server Features
Domain IP Address Redirection (Full Redirection) Yes -- Yes
Subdomain IP Address Redirection -- 5 Subdomain 5 Subdomain
Management Platform Yes Yes Yes
Create Sub Update Account (Update each Subdomain) Yes Yes Yes
Windows Update Client Yes Yes Yes
* Domain Name Registration fee is not include in the above service plans.
All Plans are one year pre-payment period. All payments are not refundable or transferable. Setup fee is waived. (Original Price: $200)


If you are already is our existing Web Hosting customer of BEST-VIEW@, you can now sign up our new service with the link provided on this page. Sub-domains such as www, ftp, and mail will be disabled for use to avoid interruption of existing website/email services.

If you are already have a domain hosting at other web hosting company, please contact us to confirm your existing domain can support our service.

If you do not own a domain name, you can register one when you sign up with us.

Additional Services

Services Charges
5 Additional Sub-domains (Quota) $10/month
Hard Copy Receipt handling fee $20/each
* Additional Services Charges are prepaid payment up to next payment term of web hosting services.
Valid starts from 16 Dec 2015. All Prices are in HK Dollars (HKD). Charges are subject to change without prior notice.
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